We are experts on import/export with more than 15 years experience

If you are a buyer we can inform you about the general situation on all aspects of the market, just contact us and ask for the situation in all items we offer.

We adapt to our clients needs

Explain to us your own case, experience, capacity, intentions and we will respond to you with full information and advice.

We are always available and will keep you updated on the situation of your deals.

We look for long-term commercial relationships

We take pride on being a company which focuses on maintaining the best relationships with its clients.

We always share our information and point of view about future Business oportunities. We regularly send offers to our customers so they can purchase cheaper.

Long experience in Logistics

We can advise you on the best Shipping Line to work with, with the best prices and contacts at the custom (really important). Or Send the Goods Door to Door even.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us and ask whatever you may need. We will be glad to respond doing our best always.

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