Oil Should Always Travel First Class

In Audaz Teoria & Cruzoliva we adapt to customer needs offering all types of options for Bulk transportation

Drums for Olive Oils 200 Kg

  • Special for Food
  • Net Weight : 200 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 218 Kg
  • Diameter: 292 mm
  • High 1 Palet (4 Drums): 932 mm

Totes or IBC´s with 1000 Liters capacity

The classical IBC or Totes called in America. With Iron to cover them.
A very secure option.
Excellent choice for companies W/O Deposits to keep the Olive Oils.

Carton container with 1000 liters

There is a high Quality Plastic Bag inside to secure the Oil.
Maximum resistence and cheaper price. Provide a cost effective,
robust and recyclable packaging solution, for the transportation
and storage of liquid products.

Flexitanks from 20Tn to 26Tn

The cheapest option to Purchase Olive Oils if you have deposits to keep them.
Flexible Tank to Transport Liquid Cargo FDA, ISO Approved. With Insurance.

Isotank de 23 Tn.

Its one of the most used.
ISO tanks (sizes 18 to 26 KL) and use reliable,
trusted partners to lease, store, purchase and move them.
We use them to export Olive Oils and Red Wine in Bulk.

Trucks of 25 Tones

We have trucks with 25 tones capacity.
Heating option too for food.
Could be the best option for Europe being the Oil in Spain.

Spanish and Portuguese Drums for Olives